Thursday, December 31, 2009

Faith restored

I know, I know, two blogs in one day, can you tell I have had too much coffee. I have been a little upset about a missing knit kit from the shop. I searched and figured it must have gone to the shoplifted fish mitten hell. I have one very good customer that actually bought one of the knit kits from me and she had been there for a class and thought just maybe, maybe she accidentally picked it up thinking it was hers and took it home. I had actually hoped that, that was the situation because theft makes me ill. Now how to approach asking is an uncomfortable situation, but I know her and she is sweet and nice and hey it happens, so I did. She went home and dug around in her bag and like all of us, and our bags, we can understand the junk we can accumulate in one's bags. She didn't find it....I went back to being violated, well that is a strong word but, upset none the less, how could someone just take it, how could they steal it?????
Last night I get a call, it is after hours, so I let it go to voicemail!!! Hi Jan....? Guess what I found??? Turns out she couldn't find her knit kit either and began searching and the two knit kits were mingling in a separate bag, together, probably laughing at the both of us....comparing clickers or tape measures, hiding snuggly in a knitting bag. So the knit kit will be home soon, turns out it was just on vacation, away from prodding hands, testing it out and pulling the tape measure, prying open it's backside, clicking the counter.....ha vacation is over baby, you're coming more bag jumping!!! Being that all of these little kits look alike, we are now planning on putting stickers on them so we know which one is ours and which one is a bag jumper!!!! So warning, I have a wayward knit kit that may jump into your bag, I will put a return address on him and if by chance he jumps into your bag, looking for a getaway, you will know he is destined to be mauled by many at the shop, please return him, no questions asked, he is just that way!!!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Now if you could just find that fish..............