Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jenny and Me

Day two of working out.....I finally got in the mail my WII My shape with Jenny McCarthy. Oh yeah her and I are good friends now and she speaks to me while I am working out....what she keeps saying is "Follow me" "Check the tutorial if you are having trouble" I say "Shut up Jenny" I can't do jumping jacks without a bra?????" So here is my assessment of the work out programs for the WII...I have bad knees, there is no way I can do deep knee lunges, where you lunge forward and kneel on the back knee. If I did, I would still be genuflecting and the game would be over, I would have missed my nightime pills and bed. I am not going to wreck what is left of my knee by lunging. There is no way to skip these sessions so I learned to cheat. Oh yeah I cheat at my workout program. I found that if you take the controller and move it while sitting on the ottoman, to reflect deep knee bends you get a ton of encouragement, and no "follow me, watch me" took me all of 5 seconds to figure this one out, actually right after I couldn't find a skip button. I do feel guilty about it but it should have an old farts, couch potato start up program. In the evaluation for this workout she tells you to do jumping jacks and she is doing it on the left side of the screen and you are on the right side of the screen, (it has a little camera you set up) imagine my excitement while I am setting it up Jenny on the left and me sitting with my nightshirt with a sweatshirt over it, flannel bottoms and on the other side looking less than enthusiatic. it made me laugh...why couldn't I make my trainer a little heavier??? a just like me trainer that is breathing heavy and not constantly talking when we work out together. One that is not shaking the house during our running in place exercise. Thank goodness I live near the airport, I can pawn off the trembling walls to an airplane going rather the jumping jacks....I take my first jump out and went "holy crap, when was the last time I did one of these?" now I have to jump in?????? I keep saying baby steps Jan, do this in baby steps. I did get through the whole session of the Wii fit, the jury is still out on Jenny. Once again there is yoga on this game, so I think I will try this, so this is the beginning I think???? Stand tall like mountain position, I think?? Go down to dirty dog and posing child and see the sun and backward dog dancing and .....what the heck is this I need BEGINNER YOGA. then the ultimate question? How can I see what they are doing on a tv screen, while my face is embedded in the carpet?????? I will get through this...


Anonymous said...

you are killing me with your work outs!!!!
have you ever tried the Leslie Sansone walking dvds? Not very exciting, so you might get bored. But Leslie will never ask you to try and kiss your own ass, either, so there is that.
Also the just my size yoga DVD is fabulous. The teacher is a plus size model, and not a size 8, and she is lovely and it's fun. :D I think netflix has both if you wnated to try something without killing yourself.

I also hav some yoga audiobooks from itunes. one of them is just breathing, but it's nice. All the pevic floor stuff is odd, but hey, probably useful!

Janyce said...

Oh gosh the visual has once again ruined me. How will I ever close my eyes again?????????? Leave it up to you to find a short cut!!! The Fit has a walking program that I like.