Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Party

Holy Schmolly!!! I decided to suck it up and go to the party. I think I feel worse in the morning than I do in the afternoon, which is not how I normally feel, which is worse at night, but....We went to the party, I didn't have the caroling CD, but it's Ok, I may have had to cough and choke if I sang too much. The back of the car was full of Holiday treats and presents and I felt like I was part of Santas sleigh group. The party was warm and fun as usual and the gifts were exchanged, but it was my friends behind the scenes that gave me the best of the best!!!! I soooo want to thank them. It was fun and exciting and I got a real surprise with the 12 days of Christmas and that penguin there, in the photo.....now how cool is this...you put a tea bag on his beak and he steeps your tea for however long you set the timer and then his beak comes out of the hot water removing the tea bag, he is so cute, I have been just watching his ticker all morning!!!! It is snowing beautifully here, I love, the snow and am a little happy we didn't have to drudge through the snow last night. Thanks again for all of the fun and it was so good to see everyone last ngiht.

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Janyce said...

I love the penguin! What a GREAT gift for the gadget queen. I want one!!!!!