Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling like dog dodo

When I get sick, I take after my male counterparts, it is pretty devastating. I think it may be because I don't get sick often that it really affects me. I tend to make it more drama than really needs to be, I should just suck it up. This crud that I have is making me dizzy, scary passout dizzy. I cough really hard and then hold on to the chair so I don't pass out. I am thinking it is sinus, because they can do that to you. I have the kids over for Indian Tacos on Christmas eve. Good thing about that is they can help cook. I am not knitting, I am not doing anything but whinning. I have no desire to do anything....but whine. The parties are all over and it goes by so fast. We are once again in for some "weather" as they say in Kansas. Speaking of I am signed up for "Yarn School" once again in Spring, there will be six of us rooming together, it will be a blast. Well I need me some nap!!!!

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