Thursday, December 24, 2009

Difference between kids and friends

I am still feeling like crap. Tonight I was supposed to cook dinner for my son and his wife, Indian Tacos, nothing fancy. It would require running a vacuum cleaner over the floor and I really am not up to it. So I make the call to my son, Hi Mike, hey I wanted to give you enough time to get something for dinner, I am just not up to cooking tonight, I still feel like poop. Oh mom that's Ok, I hope you feel better? Love you bye
Now what I dreamed of hearing was
Oh Mom can we run something over to you??? do you need anything?? hahahahahahahahahhha and I know you are laughing too!!!!! That is where friends come in and they are the ones that will say
Can I bring you something??? Are you taking something?? Drink lots of you need soup????

The comfort of friends!!!!

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