Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sick of Soup

I am not a cook, let alone have to cook for one. Example, I want to make a bowl of soup, or two bowls. Just enough that I won't be eating it for a week. I get out a little meat fry it or brown it, hhmm soup stock, I open this 1/2 gallon container of no MSG, no artificial anything soup stock, pour in a little and simmer. Cut up some onion, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, Ok get a bigger kettle, add more broth, barley, salt, pepper, thyme, basil, a little red matter what you do you end up with a soup kitchen vat of soup. I made a kettle/vat of vegetable soup and ate some for lunch.....then supper and I put the other 5 gallons into the freezer,which I will end up throwing out in Spring, because I forgot what it was that I froze. One time I thawed spaghetti sauce, and made the noodles only to find out it was sloppy you think I learned to mark things??? Then I did the I'm going to save all of my meat scraps and freeze them so i can make a broth when I get enough....I had a zillion little baggies of fat balls??? Maybe I just don't like taking out the garbage so I freeze stuff, maybe that is where you can store things till you get some grandchild or kid over to take the garbage out???? I am just now realizing that I should not buy groceries for a week, even though I hate grocery shopping, I am tired of throwing out what once was good food. Then there is the buying repeat purchases, one time I had about 6 bottles of BBQ sauce. Now I am doing it with tomato soup. Although having acorn squash soup and some other stash may come in handy if we get snowed in for a week. At first glance I have a lot of rice, BBQ sauce, garbonzo beans and tomato soup for that impending emergency....I need to start making a list for shopping.

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