Sunday, January 03, 2010

Good bye Margarita Maker

Oh oh, will someone please remove the remote from my bedroom??? Will someone please, make me quit lusting for a damn slushy machine? I went to bed tired, fell asleep and then started tossing and turning so I decided to turn on TV...cruising through the stations, where do I end up ....QVC? Top ten kitchen gadgets, oh the hook is set, can I get some more false hope that I will be a good cook? But if I have this new and improved Vita mixer, it replaces 10 different kitchen counter clutters....but I am in love with my Magic Bullet (blender). But this vita mixer can make slushys, ice cream, hot soup, and oh so much is healthy it can make smoothies....healthy smoothies.....OMG, my phone is plugged in on my dresser, hey it's free shipping and it comes with a $30 smoothie cup...OK I can do without that but....the announcer says the kiss of death is 22" tall? huh? Are you kidding me the Margerita machine is like 28??? This is the deal breaker, I actually get up, turn on the lights and go measure my counter..won't fit and we all know if it goes under the counter it won't get used!!!!! So with all of my rationalization and my great desire to have a ice chopper....I did not, I repeat did not buy the Vitamixer....not that it isn't still on my list of ideas to squash....something to think about, but maybe I ought to think more about taxes??????

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