Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am an addict!!!

And my friend is the enabler....yes, I am here to confess, that Happy Hands yarn has caused a major addiction for me. She has been dying this silk yarn and she brought a few new colors in. Ok so I have one project, an entrelac cowl that I made using it double. done, hear that?, it is done and has been done, it is a store sample. Hear that? done, so now she brought new colors a black to shades of gray to white colorway called Silver Fox, well I had to wind a ball of that and started a new project...I am almost over half way done....hear that? since Saturday. It looks so beautiful, but if you touch it warning!!!! Warning red lights and alarms are flashing in your head..the touch is supreme, and the drape is to die for. So the scarf I am working on is a free pattern from Knitty.com called Ripple, it is a fun entrelac band and you will pick up and add the ruffley part in the end. You have all of these live stitches on the needle and you just keep building on these blocks....OOOhhhhh baby....I am in touchy heaven.
Thank you Kim for helping me eat up the profit in my shop by winding a ball of every color and stashing it so no one else can have any. Thank you for bringing in a new color or talking about it....you are evil and adding to my addiction....do you know that? Do you know I am shoving this yarn in bins under the displays....behind the counter and when someone says "what about that skein there?" I say "what skein" Oh that one is sold....sorry!!! So if you find Silk Merino yarn stashed in places it shouldn't be....remember I am addicted!!!!! But again warning if you touch it, you probably will take it home with you....welcome to my new addiction.

I just got through spinning some new yarn too. I did a yarn from the button box, and grandma's doilies and odds and ends of things that I have treasured through the years...this one is mine and it is knit up into a scarf of ewenique character!!! My style. I am working on a Spring branch yarn and super coils is done!!! So I have been doing stuff, just not cleaning, cooking, washing clothes...playing is way more fun and creating takes time and then it is tiring and I need a nap. My house looks a little upset but it is a busy house!!! right???


Janyce said...

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming Saturday to buy a skein of it. I started the same pattern with the alpaca. I may need to call you to get passed the third square:)