Friday, January 29, 2010

To go cups

I have a real problem drinking coffee out of a to go cup. By that I mean cheap or expensive, paper or stainless steel. Seems I gulp air for fear of hitting a bump, I tend to slurp, which means I get lots of air. So the harder I think about not choking the worse it gets. So I look for a seemingly flat part of the road and bring the cup to my lips I keep tipping the cup to get fluid into my mouth, so I inhale and into my lungs I take coffee...I asperate coffee....into my lungs and start to choke, so I cough and then out comes this huge burp, I guess I am also sucking in air. I remember being in the back seat of my brothers car and taking a drink of coffee and inhaling it and choking and then this huge burp comes out to prevent me from dying. I was really embarrassed. My brother starts to laugh so hard and told me it just happened to him the other day???? Is this hereditary??? I guess I suck it in so it doesn't end up coming around my mouth down the front of me??? I just kind of avoid drinking coffee in the car, I think if straws could withstand the heat I could use one of those???

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Janyce said...

Straws work. I use them all the time in the car. I have never had one melt.