Sunday, January 17, 2010

Under the gun and under the treddle

I am making Art yarn that has to be done by the first week in February. I have most of it sorted out and ideas and now I have to spin. So today was designated to spinning. I am nursing a sore forearm in a weird spot the bottom of my arm...I think knitting endlessly kills me....It hurts when I touch it so, I don't touch it. So I am spinning and watching the Vikqueens beat the tar out of the Cowboys, never in my life did I ever think I would root for the Cowboys but Tony Romo is a hometown boy and Favre is an arse...(great quarterback but a self centered jerk) anyway. I am spinning along fine and Iggy wakes up to realize I am doing something he could get into the action of. So he finds his little ball and I throw it a little and he brings it back and pushes it under the treddle and looks at me. New Game mom???? So I tip the wheel push the ball out and he takes his nose and pushes it under the treddle again, he waits for the right time and with the littlest shove under it goes...I tip the wheel and push it out and so on and so forth. I finally did finish the skein and then when I started to wind it on to the niddy noddy, he sits pretty and jumps at the yarn...oh no this is not a game. Now he is sleeping.....Thursday he gets a poop test and I will be at daycare Friday (if he is over his STD sniffing transmitted disease) when the doors open, he needs a playpal!!!!! He is bored with me....

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