Friday, January 15, 2010

I had a dream

Today is Martin Luther Kings birthday, but my dream and I don't dream often was a really weird one. I have been going for mammograms for umpteen years and I never consider it painful or anything, worst part is worrying that my pits will stink in the 1/2 hour, I go from home to the appt. My only concern about the mammo was I forgot when the appt. was and had to call, but other than that, not a worry.....Well last night I had a dream that when I looked in the mirror, my nipples were huge, oh I'm talking from the middle of my boob to my neck, dark and oblong and totally taking on a life of their own?? Now what could huge enormous nipples be translated into??? I woke up and went to the mirror the same mirror I might add that I saw them huge...whew, they were OK, normal...well as normal as 56 year old nipples are.

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