Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Peecycle

I think I got more comments on the peecycle than any other post. Well it doesn't stop there. Here is the whole story. I have a deck that is 18' x 16'. My car is parked under what would be about half of that. My windsheild is about 5' by 3'. My side of the windshield or the drivers side is half of that.....so now how on the earth, could he out of all that area to pee, pee right down the middle of my vision spot????? So I took him to daycare and waited till the car was warm, which is never, it is so darned cold out and tried to wash the pee stream off of the window....no washer juice or it's frozen?? So I just smeared a bunch of it around with the road salt dirt and the stream is still there. I park and forget about it, till I have to leave again later. I am in a parking lot throwing snow on it, and the sun is shining brightly, I turn on the wipers and that pee stream is stuck in one long line.....but the windsheild is clean around it.....as soon as Spring comes, I will take my car to the carwash, so it doesn't freeze up.
Yesterday I was putting a flat cut out, Christmas Countdown display into it's original box and I got a pain in my back like I have never felt. I didn't know if I should move or stand still. I opted to try moving seeing as though no one would find me in the basement if I didn't move. It burned really bad but I thought I better keep moving, then I decided I better go pick up Iggy from daycare and driving hurt really bad. After driving in the dark looking through the pee stream, I got home and iced my back, it was frozen till about 2pm and I almost went to the ER....it hurt so bad, I finally found a spot that must have allowed me to sleep. I have determined it is my left lower back and it felt good this morning till I got out of bed...not really I think this is going to be a baby it for a while and it will be better, it hurts to sit too long, stand too long.......live too long....this is giving me a taste of what so many people live with chronic back pain....I am so lucky, I need to find some drugs.......LOL

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Anonymous said...

Wimp:0) Go to the car wash. Iggy, keep it going.

Auntie Ang