Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott

I love my brother!!! We still laugh at stupid stuff, I mean we really laugh hard, crying and asthma attack laughing. Our jaws hurt and what we are laughing at is some stupid thing. I love that about him. I love how talented is his, he doesn't use his talents enough, but he is talented. I dislike the way he thinks, because someone years ago told him he was stupid, he thinks he was, or that he was a trouble maker. He was a typical kid, I was probably worse than he was, I just didn't get caught. My brother is fair and although he rants about everything, he is very caring for a guy.
I was really mean to him growing up, I attribute it to toughening him up...eh...He is 5 years younger than me and we got along great. No one could or would touch my brother or I would beat them up, reason was he was my personal whipping boy. It's not the I whooped on him as much as I tortured him. He was a whiner so I gave him something to whine about. I put worms in his ears, I would tie him up like a cow, cow rangling, , remember I was a cowboy. If he ever wanted to get me back he could do it now, but he doesn't. We talk often, and we laugh more. We live close enough to get together for dinner or a movie. I love him very much, Happy Birthday Scott
I cannot believe I got him to let me take a picture of him with a fishing net over his head...it must have been a weak moment!!!

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Janyce said...

You are a lucky lady to have him!!