Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leaving a trail

On our walk this morning, mine and Iggy's footprints were the only marks on our walk. The earth down here by the Lake, got a powder sugar dusting. I am fascinated by chocolate cakes that have had a paper doily laid on it and powder sugar sprinkled to make a fancy lace design. That is how beautiful it is today. It is still snowing gently and pretty. As I was walking I stayed right in the middle of the sidewalks...and would look back without turning my feet to see where I was. I checked out my footprint and what I left behind. Sometimes I had Iggy prints with me and other times they were gone when he was running in the grass. It made me think, what will I leave behind? What will we be remembered for??? I used to tell my mom, when I was raising my son, no one will say, Oh she was such a good housekeeper, I wanted them to say "Oh she was such a good mom". With that job behind me, for the most part, I wonder. I really think it would be fun to have a Memorial service for your death, before you die. Then people can say what they would to you not your corpse. How would you be perceived on this Earth??? I know I am not a follower, I am a leader, but I don't like the lead. I like to veer off on my own, don't follow me I don't want that responsibility, do your own thing....always think "what is the worst thing that can happen if i do this??" Will you die?? If you pick a color of something that is out of your box, will it kill you to use it? No worst case scenario is you rip it out??? When making some choices I see some people labor over their decision, almost to a point of a headache.....this takes all of the fun out of life. Grab and go!!!!! When I take a class and they have all of these supplies, I quickly grab what I don't normally like, it forces me to be creative and step out of the box. Using what I like is easy, using something I don't makes me may be completely surprised by the turnout, or you may hate it, so what. I have bought things impulsively only to hate it???? It didn't kill me I'm still here!!! So do one thing today that is daring....make a trail...

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