Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a few notes

Why is it, when the remote doesn't work the first time you push the button, you push harder, again and again???? LOl
Second, What kind of example are these sports figures setting when they can commit a crime, finish out the season and continue to go along their money making ways. This is what I would include in their contract, this would solve any crap police problems.
"If you are involved in any behavior unbecoming of an upstanding citizen, this would mean any unlawful ANY unlawful behavior your contract will be null and will not be compensated you will not get severance, where you think you are good there is a young player, with the will to do good waiting to get his/her chance. This includes, spouse beating/ drugs/ guns know read the rules any unlawful conduct. Now I know woman throw themselves at you and may call wolf, keep away from that kind of tramp. If in fact you do get into a situation that is questionable you receive back pay from the injustice done to you and he/she will serve the sentence you would have.
If you are not allowed to be on a sport team in highschool and do drugs and drink, why should it be allowed at the level these players are at???? Get rid of them
Oh yeah flashing guns in the locker room is unlawful....I don't care who you are....You're fired!!!!
Let's call it Career ending behavior...

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