Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long time coming

I finally, finally finished mixing the dyes I have been wanting to mix, for hhhhmmmmm the last six months. I have some dying ideas. I want to do, just small little ditties. So I heat the water in a little electric water heater, and for some odd reason, I kept mopping up water where I was working, oh sure the whole bottom fell out of my little teapot!!! As I pick it up sparks start flying and I hate electricity, so quick pull the plug with the cord from across the room. My dad hated when I did that...I left a plug in the wall once and the cord was in my hand....opps. So I had to use a smaller water heater, but I got it all done. All of my colors are mixed....tomorrow, I can dye. Such simple pleasures. So when I go in the basement now, the Igster has a new trick, he rings the buzzer by the shop door. I know, no one is there the door is locked. I holler up "who's there?" Who is it? and he barks, like saying "It's me!!! twice he has done this now then goes and lays down....what a brat. I think I feel a nice Sunday afternoon nap coming!!!! Oh yeah....

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