Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I dislike plastic bags

Why do I hate them. I first noticed them in Arizona, I was on vacation and it was Spring, the cactus were blooming and they were decorated with plastic grocery bags. Ugly bags stuck to the cactus. I thought long and hard about my shop bags and bought pretty bags that most people reuse, over and over again, they are purple and reusable. I try to bring my cloth bags to the grocery store, or I recycle the plastic bags they give me. Why do people let those bags fly around to litter. This time of year when the snow melts it looks especially bad, the snow uncovers the worst of the ugly trash hidden below. Please if you read this, please, help do a little for our beautiful Earth. Don't flick that cigarette butt, don't throw that plastic bottle on the roadside, and don't let those ugly plastic bags get loose. So the great event at the end of this month is taking shape. Or it is taking a shape of it's own I should say. I have lots of fun things planned and new vendors and teachers. Sign up for classes is great, and there are lots of yarners coming from Illinois and all around the state. I am anxious to meet so many new faces. Welcome welcome welcome.
Crochet these from those ugly bags!!!!! LOL

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Janyce said...

When I was in Dallas, I took a walk around a little lake. There was a flood stream that ran next to it. The trees that grew along the banks were full of plastic bags, and I mean a lot. Looked like a garbage dump. How sad to think our water ways are full of these grocery bags.