Monday, February 08, 2010

Laser twitching

So yesterday, Iggy and I went to visit his Aunt, Uncle and fur cousins. We went to watch the Super Bowl and we were all on the same page as far as the Saints were concerned. Iggy and his cousins don't get along real great, well the cousins tolerate him they are not that all. As a matter of fact they kind of hate him..he annoys them. So my brother got out his laser pointer and had the Igster running around like crazy, he was panting, Iggy not my brother, but then Iggy started twitching in all directions looking for the red light....he had to catch that light and his head was going back and forth trying to find it....Oh no, my poor dog has Laser withdrawel. He would not give up, just goes to show you how persistant a terrier really is.


Sandi said...

I know what you mean about those laser beams. I was at a birthday party for my nephew's youngest, Ben, who just turned 1. His grandpa had one and was shining it on the floor near Ben. Ben was crawling around as fast as he could go, trying to catch the red dot. He had the adults all in stitches.

Weaver said...

ha! we did the same with #4 this weekend :) Aunt M kept asking "are you sure she isn't a cat?" It took four kids, but I finally realized why people keep laser pointers around :)