Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr Magoo and the Remote

Ok, this is true confessions....we walked early this morning, it was kind of dark, well between dark and light, I think it's called Dawn. I am thrilled when I hear the Cardinal birds singing and I could hear one really close. So hear I am walking and looking at a tree that is very close to me, talking to the bird that is singing his heart out and saying "Oh don't you sing so pretty this early morn....." I was talking to an apple that was hanging on branch for dear life since Fall!! No one saw me but all I could think of was Mr Magoo, he would talk to stuff that was totally something me Magoo!!!!
Now the remote, for the last week, I am doing couch Olympics with the remote. I hold it over my head pointed to the right, with an swirl underhand and then it may work. I also found that if you press really hard on the buttons, they don't work either....but....mind you, if you change the battery all this gets fixed....who would have thought???? Have a great Saturday

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