Wednesday, February 10, 2010

False hope

I see these beautiful blogs of beautiful food photos and I am starting to believe they are purchased clip come I can do so much and can't bake or cook???? I fail, flat on my face fail when trying to do something great with food. I did take a photo of pancakes once that were beautiful...ends there. This my friends is why they have restaurants!!!! So I decided, I would try to slowly get rid of white sugar and flour in my diet. I buy Breadsmiths whole wheat bread and I think it may be $2??? a loaf, maybe more?? I could actually pay $10.00 after yesterday and it would still be cheap. So Monday I do the grocery shopping and even went to Barnes and Noble seeking out the best WW recipe.....I knew as I held the Artisan Bread cookbook in my hand, that I could open it, look at the beautiful photos and it would go on a shelf with all the rest of my False hope books. So I put it back into the shelf and left, I actually did leave B&N, without a purchase, not even chocolates!!! I know I know....
Yesterday, I figured no one would be in the shop and boy was I right, so I started to make bread. I contacted a great baker "Hello Yarn at her blog and asked for the best recipes she would recommend. She sent me three and told me the middle one would leave more time to play if I use that one, no kneading. OK so it is something called Anadama bread, a dark rich bread derived from our Native American ancestors, hey I'm Indian, this is the one for me...if they ate it I can make it...the blood line goes deep. I assemble all of the stuff I need and it goes together easy peasy...I can hear the drums beating in the distance, a closeness to my roots as I leave the bread rise....I follow the directions and let it "rest" covered loosely. done....still no customers so this is going along just fine. 1 1/2 hours later I start the oven put my stone in the oven and water pan below. I divide the bread batter into four separate puddles, that slightly resemble cowpies....brush water on the top and slice with a serrated knife, place on the cookie sheet on top of the stone and let it bake. I hear the cry of my ancestors, an eagle flies over...there is a smell of baking bread and sage in the air. 30 min later, I have made my first cowpie? That is Ok, it is healthy, I take it out of the oven, pop in the next loaf and try to take the bread off of the pan.....what the heck did I superglue this thing on here???? Come on it's still hot, I hear a crack, I start to pry my way around the edge and just like in the TV commercial, it flies like an otter in a river, unto the teepee floor. It didn't crack, it didn't crumble it didn't do anything...I pick it up and put it on a plate, get out the hatchet and attempt to saw through the concrete chunk. Above photo!! I try to figure out how to cut it, or maybe I should just break it...not happening.....I finally put some butter on it and eat tastes like a huge molasses cookie that I forgot to put the sugar in.....I think my Native American family and I would rather stick to corn bread....I now have three other loaves stuck to the pans and nothng is going to move them.....False hope!!!!! I need to take my own advice and "Stick to what you are good at!!" and it ain't cooking!!! I'm going to go spin for a while,
I turned off the Native American music.....false hope


Janyce said...

Making bread takes patience. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

This is why God created bakery stores.