Thursday, February 25, 2010


Is it just me or is anyone else sick of seeing photos of Oprah, 5 years ago when she was thin. Maybe she doesn't realize, she does not look like that anymore and she is on TV every day so we all know she isn't thin like that. It's kind of like the Obits, where family posts photos of their loved ones from 50 years ago? I don't get it, I wouldn't recognize someone I worked with from a 50 year old photo??? My thinking on Oprah is she had a zillion photos taken for the cover of O magazine while she was thin, but come on, "get real" as her buddy Dr. Fill, (yeah I know I ) would say, be the REAL you. hhhmmmmm Is Oprah sending mixed signals to our youth. It's funny but I found a photo of a cheesecake shot taken, about 14 years ago, if I were to show it , your jaw would drop and you would look at me in disbelief. I know it!!!!, the jaw dropping only verifies the fact that yes, I have gained weight and gotten 17 years older, it is fun to see the expression or the "is that you?" LOL Hey but I was HOT once, I had it, been there done that, it didn't get me a good husband, lots of money or success??? But look at me now, I am older, wiser, doing what I love, fat and successful? and so is Oprah, why then does she not want to embrace it as a fact of life?? Ok so I am not as successful as she is but it's the idea. I dreamed this 30 years ago, and I am doing what I love, yeah Menopause hit me with the fat stick, a few times more than it needed to...I'll use that as an excuse but eh....I fought the fat battle my whole won!!! Someone has to win, someone has to loose. We all look at Movie stars and think "man they are so thin, they look so good" we have to remember it is their JOB so staying thin and looking good all the time IS THEIR JOB. not mine. Then there is the fact that in their pursuit of looking good they are damaging the beauty they once had in favor of plastic faces, that only make them look Monsterish, and not growing old gracefully. There are facts of life, you will get older, there is nothing you can do about it, from birth you start aging, either you fight it or embrace it. Now that doesn't mean lay down and die because it is inevitable, but let's do this thing gracefully. We are all going up the same path...and I worked for every wrinkle I have....

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