Monday, March 01, 2010

Scattered pieces

I have bags in my living room, suitcase in my bedroom, boxes in the shop. Money in every pocket of every outfit, coffee in hand and making a sigh of relief. Thanks to everyone for another successful Sheep in the City Getaway. We had many many new faces, we had groups of friends that enjoyed the weekend doing what we do best yarning, oh and there was some yawning going on too. We had one casualty to a virus/flu, and many many thanks for Angela stepping up to the plate....Everything went smooth, it was a little too hot for most of us of a certain age, but no one complained. We could have used more chairs...but we took all the chairs the hotel had? We all could have used more sleep, but...SITC comes once a year....sleep tonight. We had tons of wonderful door prizes, most vendors were extremely generous. We had so much fun with the cake walk and the soap opera "As the Wool turns" I think we all had a good belly laugh. Our little mascot was there Sassy, please don't tell Iggy, I can't show him any photos. Although they could become the first couple? The fashion show was wonderful, so many many talented knitters and I only wish I would have had time to talk to each and everyone of you that came. I kind of relate it to the day you got married, well one of the times and you stand around and thank everyone for coming and smile and you are so caught up in the moment that later that week you say "were they there???" Did I do this??? So today I am chilling, running to the bank, trying to straighten out this organized mess, something I am very good at....the mess part. Thanks so very much for all of the help and support of my friends and words of encouragement from so many new faces.

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Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful time....all the vendors were very helpful and for a brief moment I thought I had died and gone to yarn HEAVEN!!!! Beautiful weekend and wonderful friends made....can not wait until I hear when 2011 SITC is coming.....Kelly