Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Help me I'm falling down the Rabbit Hole....I never went to movies as a kid, I think I saw maybe two or three, one being Creature from the black lagoon. I swear the whole neighborhood went and I was the only one that had not seen it. The theater was one of those old Gothic types, the Paradise downtown West Allis, it was creepy enough to begin with let alone see a scary movie. So the movie is playing and I am riveted, the scene where the girl is swimming and the creature goes to grab her ankle??? The kid behind me grabbed my ankle, I stood up screaming for what seemed like 5 minutes, I mean screaming one long loud, almost peed my pants scream. They were shusshing me and trying to get me to sit back down all the while laughing their butts off. It had to be hysterical for them and traumatizing to me. LOL The only time I got to go to the movies was when my mom's friends daughter wanted to go and she had no one to go with so I had to go with her. At the time I really thought she invited me and I was special...later I realized she couldn't go unless someone went with her and dodo bird me was told to go. which to me worked out, I got to see some movies, like Hans Christian Anderson, I never saw Bambi or the rest of the classics, but I did see Alice in Wonderland, and I was smitten....and about a year ago, I rented every different version of Alice to see which was the one I had seen and loved the best. I do believe the one I love most is the one with Whoppee Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat. Well that was until I just saw the new one.....Now what movie has Johnny Depp been in that you didn't like??? He is a fantastic character actor, he fills the part...the only part I was a little put off by was the White Queen, she was a little too...boring??? But the red queen was so cool and the other weird thing was the dumb dance at the end and the music at that point was well.....Tim Burtonish..
So now I am working on Mad Hatter batts to spin.....ohhhhhhh this mind is going down the rabbit hole..

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