Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is here

Officially they say Spring is here when you see your first Robin, well today was the first day I saw a robin. I have seen, little birds and wood peckers and my favorite cardinals but no robin till today. I don't know if I buy into this but, it would be a good feeling. With Spring in the air so are all of the new yarns coming in. I am also making Yarn Batt-er, to make your own yarns. They are fun and funky batts with add in so you too can do some Art Yarn. I am working on the Passport project and have one in mind, just deciding which way to go with it....hhhhmmm.
My mom is celebrating her 87th birthday this month, so we are having a little party for her at the Senior living that she is at. We are having cake and coffee and all she keeps saying is, "this is going to put you in the poor house" yeah mom I don't think it will be the cake and coffee that will do it??? She will never change. Well off to running with some errands for the shop. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

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