Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drive thru snaffu

So I was hankering for a good old Burger King whopper, I was on my way back from some shopping that was on my list of to do's . I go to the drive thru and a young man voice answers, which makes me happy that a recorded voice didn't ask if I wanted a new Mocha latte or other designer coffee when in fact if that was what I wanted I would have ordered it. So I place my order and then go...Oh can I add a Hershey pie on that, I love their hershey pies and being that I haven't been at a BK for years, I figured they were not on the menu. The guy says drive around for your total, so I do.....I drive up to the first window and look in and shake my head a little trying to rationalize what my eyes they are beholding? I was reluctant to hand this guy my money because I was sure the young kid in a uniform was laying on the floor dead and this street person had taken over the drive thru window. Actually I have seen better dressed street people. Here is this scruffy skinny older man with a dirty chuli hat on with a BK cap over no more like sitting on top of that and a dirty jacket that looked like he just pulled it out of the bottom of the Good Will containers on the corner of some shopping mall. The best is yet to come, he says.....well he says something about separate and my mouth is still open because I can't understand him .....at all. I say excuse me??? He hollars back the same thing which I get slurrypie, at once.....???? I again say, I really cannot understand what you are saying, I'm sorry.....Do you want to pay separate or once..??? Well let me see, why don't you ring it all up separate?? No I would like to pay al at once?? He takes his dirty fingers and uses a calculator which is fine, but now I am getting pukey thinking if they put him in the window, what kind of people are working behind the counter and making my food???? Maybe it was there way of getting rid of him??? Do they not have a manager that can address this guy? Not to mention please put people that speak English in the drive thru windows, and if they really want that job, go to school and learn English, it's the way you get ahead in America.....I drove to the next window and then deposited all of it in the garbage, I think I just started a diet.....I am a little sick.

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