Thursday, March 11, 2010

Small Pockets

I know I am a big woman, I know they use yardage to make jeans to fit me, but.....don't cut corners on the front pockets please!!! I bought new jeans and the pockets are the size of a credit card. What that means is if you put anything into them, when you sit down it all comes out?? So the advantage of this is, your pockets never have anything in them and the downside is, it is all on the floor!!! Not to mention the small back pockets on the arse, which make them look like fleas on an elephant??? Either they put all this flashy embroidery on the back pockets or make them itty bitty which makes one look extremely arsy??? I am a fashion mess,,,,all I want is my decent pockets.
On the upside I think Iggy is feeling better and now I have a belly ache.....I think it's the weather...

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