Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Truly Crappy day no joke

It all started plans were to pick up my mom and take her for a burger at Fretchs burgers and then run a few errands and go through the park looking for deer. The burger was good, a whole lot of food and my mom had a butter pecan malt. Iggy was in the car waiting for his usual tidbit of leftover food and never too concerned what it is. Then to do some errands, stopped at one place and the line was waaayyyy too long for my liking and decided I would go back tomorrow. "Let's just go to the park" was my suggestion and there were deer laying under trees and relaxing all over basking in the sunshine. Iggy was all of sudden trying to climb out of the car, he was jumping towards the window and acting totally he went into the back seat and tried to climb the window in the back and then I heard it....he had diarria....all over my car seat....I pulled over asap and took him out while gagging from the stench....he went some more but mom was stuck in the car but I left everything open. Poor Iggy is all I could think of, he tried to get out, he tried to let me know, he had some belly ache. Then to clean out the car, he pooped on Bradley the pillow that I keep for road trips.....not anymore. So I threw snow on it and hoped to clean it better when I got home. About this time mom is ready to walk home, so I take her home and hope to get home without any more incidents, now I am feeling a little queezy myself...I think it is just I am not the iron stomach I was when I was a mother of a I cleaned up the seat and hopefully it will be nice and clean and not stinky....Iggy went again and I am now cooking rice and boiling hamburger for his dinner....I think my Asian lettuce wraps made him sick....proof my cooking is deadly.

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Janyce said...

Asian lettuce wraps for the dog???????????? Jan, Jan, Jan!!!