Monday, March 08, 2010

Red Rubber Ball

So on my way home from doggy daycare where I dropped off a non diarria pup, it was a little iffy today, the sun was like a huge red rubber ball. I am always fascinated by the sun and moon. It is huge for a moment and then it gets smaller and changes color, I took this photo through the windshield and with my cell phone, so no promise of even one iota of what my eyes saw. Today is my day off, I should clean but cleaning is way overated, instead, I will wash clothes, go to the accountant and then some errands cut short yesterday and then to see Alice in Wonderland.....I love Alice in wonderland, it may have been the only movie I saw as a kid. I love the one when Whoppee is the Cheshire is wacky and somewhat spooky but let me tell you nothing compares to be to lazy to change the channel when the movie "Hostle" came on....OMG, it was a chopem up, hack em down, cut and blood chainsaw gory movie and i was riveted.....I couldn't stop watching I guess I wondered what the plot would be?? Of course there was none...the acting was terrible, the graphics were just that and then there was a sequel....oh no I took a nap, no sequel. Ehhh I just can't shake the images or demented idea of even making such a movie...AND I watched it.
I am toying with the idea of another traveling scarf, I am getting requests for it so I think this summer I will start one up again, they were so pretty. We can make another journal and start knitting. Well I am off to soak in a hot tub filled with Bella Vita bath bombs, some music and no eyes or teeth trying to steal my washcloth. Enjoy the day, it is going to be a preview of Spring!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG Is iggy even awake at the butt crack of dawn when you dragging him of to daycare?