Thursday, February 18, 2010

My aching knees & sleepless nights

I have been watching the Olympics...oh my.....the moguls have my knees crying out in pain and the speed skating is making me so wired I can't sleep. How long does this go on???? The sad thing is the girls were in the shoot and the commentator is saying, she has had 6 knee surgeries and is still my knees were great when I was a kid, I jumped out of trees. Slid down ice slopes on them, and then as I got older spent many hours kneeling on cold concrete installing baseboard heating. I also fell and smashed my knee and it brought tears to my eyes. I have not had surgery yet, but what I did back then is paining me now. My point is what are they going to do when they turn 50???? Wow, I can't imagine the pain they will be in.
I am finally binding off on my silk merino scarf, it is beautiful. I can't wait to wear it close to my neck. Well back to editing the DVD and wrapping things up here.

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