Monday, November 30, 2009

On Being a mom

I pretty much raised my son alone. His dad and I got divorced when he was less than a year and his dad pretty much chose to drink rather than be a dad. After a few weak visits he pretty much dropped out of the picture which was fine for me, but left a little boy wondering what he did. My dad and brother were good to Mike and did their part to give him the man he needed and were both great influences on Mike. My dad was more like a father to Mike, and when he died Mike was 12 and he pretty much fell apart. I remember looking at him and he was a real cutey, of course I was biased what mom isn't. I was strict with him and never wanted anyone to say he came from a single parent home. I taught him values and morals and sometimes it was more do as I say than as I do. I watched him grow into a polite young man. I remember for what seemed like a few weeks he got weird looking, it's hard to describe but his face changed, he got a little homely, almost like I didn't recognize him. I will call that few weeks puberty, I see lots of kids get this way, and then they blossom into their teens. He broke from that weird stage and was ambitious with sports and I was there all the way, soccer, football and his favorite wrestling. I have gauged my age by his milestones, when he turned into a teen, I was the mother of a teenager, then his 20's, and now he is 33. He works very hard and has done really well with his life. He has had expensive taste since he was little, all I would tell him is "you better get a good job to support your taste" and he never got that from me, the only label I wore were Calvin Klein jeans from Kohls. He got married this summer and has a beautiful wife, home and still is playing hard and working hard. I look at him and his face is changing again, I see a mature man now and not that little boy anymore. It seems like it was a dream that he was a child. He has just written an app for Iphone/pods with another young man and there was an article online JsOnline
I am watching my baby boy, that seemingly disappeared into this mature, entrepreneur, with a home and wife and dreams change again. It is a good change and I am so proud of him. Who would ever have thought the baby I held would be what he is today!!! I am just reflecting on time and man it is really passing quickly, here I am reading an article about my son....thanks for letting me reflect...I wonder if he knows how much I really love and respect him and how proud he makes me? I think I may cry.


KnittyLynn said...

Well hell, you made ME cry! :)

Dragonfly said...

When we have a bad day here, it's you and Mike that give me faith that it will work out eventually. You are a great mom, he is a good guy, and you are both a little bit of encouragement, for that I thank you.

JANYCE said...

OK, so you did bring tears to my eyes, and yes, you do have a lot to be proud of.