Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It is once again upon us, the Holiday Season. It is also the time of needy families, the less fortunate of us. I am a firm believer that we need to help our own. I know there are hungry children in India and a zillion other Countries around the World, but alot of that has to do with their government not getting aide to these people. Here in the US, we have no excuse, we have hungry people walking the streets right next to us. I am not a proponent of offering Ipods to kids to bribe them to eat their free breakfast at MPS, but I do believe children should not be punished for their parents, which is twofold, because some parents believe we are responsible and they are not. Deb from Bella Vita day spa has a mission of a family that has lost everything to a fire. She herself had the same thing happen to her and so this is dear to her heart. We went to dinner last night and she filled me in on the family.
The landlord in their apt. was having some work done and it caused an explosion of the building and they lost everything. They were all out of the home, the three girls were at school, the mother works at George Webbs, and he was at work, as a truck driver and recently got laid off. This is a family that is struggling to make ends meet but are a working family. They have just been allowed to rent an apartment from a rental company that was kind enough to let them live month to month. We are going to collect money to buy the kids Christmas presents, and me in my pea brain said "Oh a WII would be fun, uh, they don't have a TV? They don't have beds, linens, clothes....Jan they lost e-v-e-r-y thing. That really struck a cord with me...the saying "how would you feel if you lost everything.....and then got it all back?" What if you didn't? They don't have dishes, cookware, bathroom stuff. So if you have some extra things that you can part with, any furniture, any things, please stop by Bella Vita, Deb is a drop off spot for anything you can give. I have a cash box in the shop. The dad was called back to work, which is a good thing, but that doesn't begin to ease the stress of what they are up against. They live here on the south side of Milwaukee, the kids are still able to go the same school, so they are not totally uprooted from their routine, the school has helped them out also. So at this time of Thanksgiving, take time to really appreciate all we have and how some people have nothing and not because they aren't trying, just through bad luck. Think about if one day you lost everything!!!!

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