Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching up

The bills are finally paid, my phone is switched to RR, so ATT won't gouge me anymore, Iggy and I both got haircuts and I just have to do the bookwork for the shop and that is on my agenda for today. The Trunk show was a huge success and we had a lot of fun besides, time is so limited when you try to pack all kinds of stuff into it. Saturday night we had the "Wedding" dinner at the Serbs, my sons in laws and our whole family went. Then we were informed there will be lots of photos, well none of us are camera crazy. So now the games begin, the Massie fashion show. What to wear, well for me it's a no brainer I will put on one of my black uniforms (that is what I call my clothes) my brother on the other hand has Jeans, and that pretty much covers it. Jeans and a khacki top. So my son says just wear some khacki pants, what we used to call Dockers and a nice shirt. Scott goes into a fit and says "I'm a blue collared worker not a office worker?" eh Scott, I didn't say a tuxedo? So Cheryl was sent to task, find Bubba some decent clothes. She bought him some black dress pants and a nice gray shirt, he looked nice, other than the pants were too long and dragging but his comment was ....it will be dark? uh Scott, the Serbians live in a house with real lights....oh yeah. I told him he needs something kind of nice anyway, what if someone dies and he has to go to the funeral??? I'll wear jeans their dead and won't care anyway!!! you have a point there. So now we all get into the car and I can hear groans of uncomfortable dress clothes, I start to laugh, this is why I wear pajama like clothes all the time, comfort people....comfort. We went to the dinner and the food was wonderful, it went off with just a few moments and they will go down in the Serbs books. Mikes FiL reached across the table to propose a toast to Cheryl and she tried to take his shot of Cognac. He quickly recoiled and I injected "geez Cheryl if you want a shot just ask," we were all cracking up...and then there was bread and lots of it, home made warm bread, no butter. Scott was in a panic, where's the butter? so I asked the MIL , Butter for what??? uh Scott wanted it....LOL
Then we thought the roast pig would be warm, they always eat their meat cold??? I don't get it, but it is there custom. So Scott was not thrilled that he had hot bread, no butter and cold pork. Funny how we get so used to our way of doing things that any other way is "wrong"!!! It isn't wrong it is just different. We all carry over things we have done since child hood and they are not wrong, just different. A real good one is eatting Corn on the cob, That was our meal, maybe with beans, but corn was our main food, until I got married I thought everyone just ate corn on the cob for the meal. Where is the hamburgers/hot dogs???? Isn't corn enough???? So this is how it goes.....In a sense it is a tradition and as Americans we are losing tradition at an alarming rate. I don't have any traditions? We eat Indian Tacos for Thanksgiving, but that has been changed to family turkey,since no one travels anymore. I celebrate Christmas Eve, more than Christmas day, i love Christmas eve. After watching the Serbs and all of the rich tradition, we are losing so much, by not remembering something to take along.

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