Thursday, November 05, 2009

Close Encounters and Congrats!!!

My son has been working on an Iphone app for about a year now. It started a lot longer ago, he was planning on an alarm clock that wakes you earlier if it is sleeting or snowy. It is in the future going to wake you up earlier if the weather is nice so you can ride your bike to work. It was hard to get someone to do a prototype and then alas, the Iphone. So he has been diligently working on this program and it has finally been accepted!!! So now you too can own an app that wakes you early if there is inclement weather, a great thing for us living in the North. My brother and I went and celebrated with them last night after we all got tweeted with the good news. On my way home, I was still reeling from the good news, and the huge coke I drank. I was on the main drag to my home and Iggy was resting on the passenger seat next to me, when suddenly like a dream, this huge buck walked in front of the car....I mean this bugger was as long as my car is wide and I slammed on the brakes, the dog hit the floor barking....and I bit the steering wheel. Holy Crap he was 10 feet in front of me and then gone....He was huge, enormous, I think it may have been a darn Moose!!! I have never been that close to hitting one and I usually see them on the sides of the road, this one snuck out from construction barrels and totally ignored the fact that my face was pressed against the windshield and the dog was smashed into the heat vents. I had to pull over after that and pull myself together or maybe it was to pull my hands off of the steering wheel and my foot off of the brake, not too mention almost relieving myself after that huge coke. It really took me a while to shake that scary feeling...
So Iggy and I both got defurred today, he looks funny and won't let me take a photo, the brat. Kim Leach is coming today and I made Julia Childs famous Boueff Boignainan...or something like that. It smells fabulous!!! Bon Appetite

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