Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Full Moon

Oh yes there is a full moon. Welcome Wackos!! I went to Spin In, what once was Wisconsin's main Fiber Festival Sunday. I had a good time but the whole event seemed depressed. Lots of sad faces and the energy was lacking. I loved Spin in, we used to travel to different little towns where the Guilds worked all year on making their Spin in the best ever. We would go to little towns, high school gym and the whole town seemed to join in, to make the event a smash!!! The pom pom girls or some sport group would have a bake sale, or with the helps of the moms sell hot dogs and chips for the lunches. It was great and some were better than others but it gave each Guild a chance to show what they have. We planned our weekend around it, I remember camping in Mishicot with my dad, son and a friend. It rained all weekend but we had a great time, soaking wet!! I visited area tourist traps and have such fond memories. I don't know if I have hit a wall or if it was just better when we all had a hand at making it work. I don't think I am the only one that is feeling this way. I miss the old Spin In....I also miss when fiber people were nice and cared about each other. I miss the fact that they all wanted each other to do well, there was no anymosity towards each other. Now it is so the opposite of the down home people it once was, it is corporate America, cutthroat and nasty. This one hates that one and that one hates the other one and God forbid you do well, no one wants to see that. I'm a little ashamed of this, what happened to the caring sincere fiber group?? Is it Cliques or Money??? I wish it was fun again, I also wish I was thin....I think I need to take off those darn rose colored glasses, this is the way it is now, I just don't understand.

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