Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting younger and are there any ugly kids anymore???

When I was young we had some non pretty kids around. Not including acne, but just in general not really cute. Now it is hard to find a kid that you would say is really homely. I think they must have burned those genes out during the major drug age of the 60's??? and I went to lunch this afternoon and these managers are getting younger and younger. I thought about it and my SIL has a brother that owns I think 2-3 Dairy Queens and is only in his early 20's. He has been a kid that had his sights set on achieving business's and is quite successful. He started working when he was 13, and has not stopped. He has owned the cars of his dreams, bought a beautiful home and has two children and a lovely wife, they work together and bring the kids to work. So I guess I am just getting older...I know what a surprise. It is good though to see someone working hard to achieve their dreams rather than laying around thinking they are entitled!!! Back to work for me....

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