Wednesday, November 03, 2010

America has spoken

There is some rejoicing and some somber faces today after the elections.  I did vote but not for the governor, I could not see giving either one of the candidates my numbers.  The idea was not to vote against or for either one.  This was probably the hardest election I can ever remember.  I consider myself an independant I do not vote a straight ticket, I vote for whom I chose.  I know this may tick off some people but this is how I do it, Either of the parties, can have bad candidates so why just because your mom and dad were Democratic, would you vote that way, or why if you don't care for the candidate do you feel you should still out of obligation vote for that party.  Anyway, I did not get an "I voted sticker"  I got some flack from grandpa that was registering me and then grandma, helped him out after I said Market Place, Marquette Place, no my name is right there and I reached to point and he said "Don't touch this"  Oookkkkayyyy?  Top secret business there.  So now it is over and we can answer our phones for a while without chances of getting a prerecorded message, telling you some crap that you don't want to hear at supper time or later.  So I got my fiber club envelope today from Happy Hands, oh it is so pretty and I spun it up thik n thin and plied with a hand dyed rayon yarn she included.  I did a hard washing on it like a little felting to bring it all together...pretty nice and beautiful colors.  I also took a trip to the second hand shop for some wool sweaters, slim pickings are what I got, but it was fun to look.  I am skipping out of class tonight because I am pooped, just tired of running around.

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