Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What is going on?

My mom fell last Thursday, this is nothing new she falls all the time.  I don't mean to sound cavalier about this, but her Dr. seems to think, instead of making her use a wheel chair/scooter, we should get her a helmet.  I asked if he would wear a helmet?  no answer, so my thinking is, I would rather loose the use of my legs than have a stroke from hitting my head and being stuck in a non working body.  I guess he doesn't share that theory.  I explained millions of people have led fulfilling and wonderful lives without their legs, he doesn't budge, we all want her to go to a different Dr.  she won't budge.  So now she falls and she did it in public of her senior living elevator and they call the perimedics.  The hospital ER room is a filthy mess and a disgrace to a hospital, they check her vitals but not her body.  They do a CAT scan and draw blood, I asked if they saw the lump on her shoulder?  no...She complains of chest discomfort which sets off alarms and they keep her overnight.  They run tests all kinds of tests, we call the nurses station, no answer, we call her room, no answer, we call the unit station and get some stupid kid that doesn't even know where she is?  not my mom, herself?  I ask if anyone knows where my mom is what test is she having?  no one knows, Cheryl calls, no one knows, she gets disconnected.  I'm ready to go up to the hospital and find out what is going on and my mom answers, she had some tests.  I go up there and no one knows anything.  There is a lap top in the room that apparantly is for looks and no one in the whole system puts any information into it.  I was very strong when I said "Will you please not diagnose her without a family member present"  We will mark her chart, no one apparantly can read there either because they gave her a mammogram yesterday and told her she has breast cancer?  No biopsy, and as far as we know just a mammogram...I question this, my mom tells us the Dr wants to see us all, to talk to us.  When?  tonight?  when, where, no one knows.  I request a Dr come and talk to us and this doofus come in and says he doesn't know anything?  So if you want to go to a hospital and find out nothing, check into Froedert, they have computers that are probably just fake, they sit and type in front of them, but do not enter any information.  She is now in a Rehab center until we have to take her for these other bullshit tests that they won't tell us what is going on.   I think we are going to have to intervene and get her to another Hospital where hopefully they will take better care of her and keep us in the loop.  Froedert has turned back into County hospital.  Maybe some of the areas are good but if you need to find out any information about a family member forget it.   Disgruntled daughter

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Kathy said...

We're sorry to hear this and would like to talk with you about it. Our goal is to provide excellent care to all of our patients. Please call me. My name is Kathy and you can reach me at 414-805-2618.