Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A happy post

I am going to have to reconsider how I must sound when writing this blog.  I have had yet another negative comment about basically being a malcontent.  Here is the issue, most of you know I bought a Spinolution wheel in March this year.  I was excited and had hoped to have it to debut at Sheep in the City, it came too late but was still thrilled.  The wheel wobbled on it and I contacted the owner, he told me how to adjust it and was very happy to help.  It didn't fix the problem but he was happy to help.  I took the wobbly wheel over to my brother who took it apart to find an elongated and sloppily drilled hole in the body of the wheel, the part that the wheel itself spins on.  He said he could fix it but I stated I paid too much for this wheel to be fixing it on the same day I got it.  I contacted the owner that said Just send it back and we will shim it just like he did?  hhhhmmm $1,000.00 wheel and you are going to just put a paper shim it?  I know I am sounding negative here, but I expect better than that.  Well I have been trying to get this situation taken care of since March, it is now November, I know I am impatient too!!  I emailed the owner and said I really hated to post on Ravelry because it is pretty bad publicity, but after reading all of the complaints and "how to" fix this wheel it already has bad publicity.  Oh and I took this wheel to Yarn school to show it off in March and while I was spinning the front footman fell off, it came unscrewed.  It was a real crowd pleaser.  Now I am smiling while I am screwing this back together mind you.  So I finally did post this issue about the wobbly wheel on Ravelry and met with "you need to talk to the owner"  uuuhhh did that?  One man said he never has encountered any issues and would have thought they would just send a new wheel.  Kind of what I thought, but then this woman sends me an email asking for photos and I sent her the poorly drilled hole pics that we took when it was apart.  I also sent her (I think she works with the owner or something) the emails that were sent to me, basically telling me they would fix the wheel and send it back, which I considered unacceptable, it is a poorly drilled hole that will eventually elongate and be my problem.  So she sent me a nice note about how I should send the wheel back and get my money refunded if I am not satisfied and she will follow up with me about this situation.  How nice of her and remember how I say be careful of the hissssssss in nice, she also sent me a note not meant for me telling the owner that she did a little research on this woman (meaning me) and it seems that I have a  decidedly negative view of life and any situation that is not perfect according to my terms.  Hopes he can get me calmed down (didn't know I was agitated after 8 mo.)   and satisified and off of the forums with complaints!!!  She read my blog and has decided that I have a negative view of life?    LOL   Wow I guess the coffee pot dying put me over the edge, I knew I should have been more happy about shelling out money for a new coffee maker?  How silly of me to not smile and say Oh Pshaw, at least I got 6 good years out of the coffee maker.  I've had a Spinolution wheel that wobbles for 8 months and it still doesn't work right!!!  Hope you read this post too Ms Spinolution

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annie said...

WOW. Well, with shit service like that I will NEVER buy a sponolution. I know it's a way lower end model, but Ashford was amazingly prompt with my obviously improperly machined ball bearing problem and sent me the correct replacement part whithin days. If and when I upgrade, it will probably be another Ashford.

I think $1000 is a huge amount of money to pay for something that is made shabbily and then to get that service from the owner? How about NO?