Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What we do for cute shoes

I have the cutest cowboy boots, they were on sale...really!!!  They are pink patent leather with an almost black brown suede top with scroll work on them, in pink and cream.  They are extremely cute, they are also a tad hard to get into.  I have a high instep and arch, so when getting boots I have to order them a couple sizes bigger and I did.  I know my feet are smallest in the morning , so I  immediatly tried to pull these lovely boots on early this morning and I needed some slip, so I found some thigh high nylons.   Where or what was I going to do with thigh high nylons?  I have no idea unless it was a mistake?  There can't be a scarier picture than these legs in a thigh high nylons, black none the less.  So I figure they are slipperer than skin, I do know that a plastic bag like we did when we were kids would be like grease to my foot into the boots!  I just couldn't bear the feeling of my foot suffocating in a plastic bag.  So on with the nylons, hhhmmm maybe some lubrication would help so I oiled my foot with some organic body oil and slipped my foot into these hot pink beauties.  Get this picture, I am in my purple shower can print nightgown, with black nylons to my knees, I opted out of pulling them up to my thighs, and the cutest shiney pink patent leather cowboy boots you can imagine!  My toes got pulled up and are crammed into the toe of the nylon due to friction in pushing my foot into the boot, most days my toes would have ripped through the nylons but no not in this case, no they are being pulled skyward as if I have elf shoes on instead of cute riding boots.  I am going to do this torture method a little each day till I can slide my foot comfortable in and out of these "new boots" !!   I just had a scary thought, how am I going to get these darned tight boots off?  Well if you see me walking limping around, with the hottest pink cowboy boots you know I am stuck in them.  Did you know tight shoes can give you a headache??

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annie said...

girlfriend take those cuties to a cobbler and have him stretch them for you!