Thursday, November 18, 2010

Writing class

So last night was my last class in memoir writing.  This class started out making me feel very inferior and uneducated,  I am very much "less" educated than many of these Lawyers, Teachers, Nurses, etc.  I am normal, well as normal standards go.  I did not write flowery words that flowed off of my tongue like a butterfly, I did not write with deep conviction about a sad situation, I am writing about my childhood, my life.  I have a ton of stories and most of them are funny and great.  We had to read what we wrote, it went around the room like this....death, death, convicted child molester trial, death, fraud, birth, death, crawling on my dad like he was a human toy.  Do you see how I don't fit in!!!  LOL, it was good though I did learn many things, sorry Anonymous I didn't learn that there grammer!!!   I did learn technique.
I also have some fun things up my sleeve I am doing a study on "How we Knit"
I want to be invited to knitting groups that get together to knit, I want to photograph people knitting.  I started this a few years ago and it was so interesting that I think I want to do a Flickr page on it.  So if you want me to come and see how you knit, please contact me, a cup of coffee is all I ask and I could make your hands famous!!!
For years I was told I knit wrong, very strongly, told I knit wrong.  Why?  Because I stick a needle between my thighs more like my crotch  and knit off of one needle?  Who cares if the end result is a perfect stitch.  I always claim I don't care if you use your ears to hold the needles, it is the outcome that is important.  So if you stop in the shop, be prepared to be photographed and don't forget to invite me to your groups!!!

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