Thursday, November 04, 2010

How I fell in love again

At the push of a button.  About two post ago I said farewell to my pretty red Senseo coffee maker, she was growling and groaning and only filling my cup about an inch.  I cleaned it and cleaned it and she would come around for a cup or two.  I knew the day was coming and why not, it has been a Season of replacing and fixing things!  So I ordered a new Keurig coffee maker, it is smaller than the one I have in the shop, but I thought it would be a good companion and I can swap coffee between both of them. I got it yesterday and set it up and cleaned off my counter.  It looks good, fits well where I put it and a couple things I didn't notice is it has a timer.  I have never been a timer person, really is it that hard to get up go to the kitchen, push on, go pottie, walk Iggy and then push brew.  Well let me tell you, I set the timer so the machine heats the water for 5:30am.  I do not hear it or smell coffee brewing because it doesn't make noise, it is whisper quiet.  I get up go pottie and then push brew!!!!  Oh baby it's that easy!!!  Who knew?  Well I have website changes to make today so I best get cracking.

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