Friday, November 26, 2010

Long Month

Has this been a long month or is it that I just spent too much money in the beginning of the month?  Our Indian tacos were great and we watched movies, I love a kick back Holiday!!!  Our family really doesn't do too much ado about any Holiday, but my favorite it Christmas eve, it always has been.  So a little update on my recycling project.  I have been sewing most of my life, I have taken many classes and can make my own patterns, how come I couldn't figure out the sweater I was reconstructing.  Part of me wants to blame it on the inattentive mind I have, but part of me knows darn well, I had a thought in my head and it was just plain wrong.  I was wrong, so I cut it apart and as I was cutting it apart I cut into a good part.  I put it down and figured this is something I will tackle on another day, I just wasn't working up to par on this day!!  Some days are meant for watching a good movie, which brings me to another issue.  I bought the book Eat, Pray, Love on audiobooks, it didn't load up right and I only got the first few chapters then I emailed them about it and they refunded my money and I rebought it and couldn't get past the first few chapters due to lack of interest in a rich woman's pitiful life.  So why did I think the movie would be better?  Maybe because Julia Roberts was in it?  So last night we watched it, or attempted to, it was painful to watch, a woman that appears to be having a mid life crisis is just "unhappy" so she leaves her unhappy marriage and shacks up with a free spirit that she is unhappy with and leaves the Country for a year.  OK now let me interject here, I consider myself lucky to take a week vacation in this Country probably this State, and she can leave and live in another Country oh wait 3 different Countries for a year?  I guess I would be unhappy too.  So we waited to see if the scenery would at least be redeeming and very few parts were.  Now I know why I couldn't get through the book, and they were doing me a favor by only letting me hear the first few chapters and did I heed the warning?  NO

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