Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let the beautiful Season begin

It is darn cold, and if it is this cold I want snow!!!  I know you are all sighing right now, I love snow and I did shovel it for 12 years and went to work for 30 years.  You have to admit it is beautiful, it sparkles in the moonlight and looks like diamonds.  It flows past windows all fluffy and light.  I hope the first snowfall is during the day, so I can enjoy it.  With the loom, in the shop now, I can weave and watch the weather outside.  I would love to make snow angels but if I fell backwards first it wouldn't be on purpose and second, it would take a crane to get me out!!!  Stay warm tonight, it is a one dog night for me and he is tight against me, we are sharing our heat!!!  And yes I have turned on the heat finally!!

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