Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Little Scary

Millenium Park steps
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I have a really weird thought process, I get pictures like snap shots in my head, quick snippets of images that flash. I also get creative ideas the same way, finished projects, I see something like a skein of yarn or fiber and I get a finished image. If I do as I was taught and draw out the image and make a small cartoon of what I want, I cannot recreate it. It just doesn't work, I have to jot down keywords, to remind my of the picture. When someone tells me something I get the same thing, a photo image, or short film. I guess I always thought this is how everyone thought and then I watched the movie Temple Grandon last night, it is a wonderful movie, I really recommend it, scary part is she sees pictures too and she is Autistic. uuhhhmmm Ok so she can remember every picture she ever saw in her mind and she is a genius in her thinking and socially she is not very adept, but it is pretty scary watching your thought process in a movie. Now not only am I attention deficit, I may be Autistic? It is a very interesting movie that touches on how misunderstood these conditions are and how they had to put the blame on someone in their lives. It is also interesting to me to see how animals behave around challenged people. Animals are much more perceptive than we can even imagine. Watch the movie, it is very good, and she really opened the way for woman in many ways.
Meanwhile after a three day workshop and running, my brain is mush. I am finally resting on a normal time frame not getting up at 3-4 am? I think the weather man had a lot to do with it. I was subconciously nervous about driving in a hurricane, which really didn't happen at all.

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