Monday, October 04, 2010

Great kids

We all know great kids, but one story sticks in my mind.  When I first opened, it was a late day almost 7.  I was alone in the shop and it was dark outside, probably this time of year.  A young man walked in dressed very neat with a black leather jacket and strawberry blond hair.  To get a customer that late, let alone a guy, was just kind of weird.  I asked him if I could help him, he said, "my mom is sick and I want to get her a knitting project"  I said I was sorry to hear that and asked if she knit allot, or just a beginner.  "no she is a good knitter"  Ok, here is a nice pattern, it was a mitten pattern and some yarn that would make it.  He liked what I picked out and then he started to look at needles and I said, "she probably has needles"  He said she might but I want to buy her everything she will need to make this pattern.  All I could think is what a lucky mom and what  a great kid!!!  Later I did meet the mom and she is a wonderful person and deserves a great kid!!!  October is breast cancer awareness month and already this month I have had two friends waiting for results from screening.  How scary it must be,  one time I had to have a second mammogram and that upset me.  Hearing those words must just knock the wind out of you.  On the other hand I have a friend that has, had,a double mastectomy  and  is so willing to talk about it and share her experience that it makes you sigh a breath of relief.  Her family is riddled with the C gene.  When I was in my 30's there was a high number of girls I went to school with that died of breast cancer.  It was a scary time they were too young to have it and my friend and I were getting so freaked out we were doing breast checks and self molestations every hour.  My high school was built on a dump sight so we were sure there was a link.  They say every person knows or has a family member that has or has had breast cancer.  My mom is a survivor, she is 87 and is cancer free for 6 years, when she got it they told us, if you live long enough you will get it?  Because of research we can all be thankful that it isn't the death sentence it once was.  So if you know someone that is dealing with this, take a moment and talk with them, give them a call, listen to them, take them to lunch.  Be there for them, be a friend.  Support Breast Cancer Research!!!  and don't forget to Squeeze your boobs!!!

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