Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drink the Kool Aid Janny

Some of you may remember Jim Jones and how he had his followers prepared and eventually did drink Koolaid laced with Poison.  Over 1,000 of his followers died in South America somewhere following the charismatic Jim Jones.  Well I refer to Judith McKenzie as my Jim Jones.  If she said Drink the Koolaide  I would be first in line.  She teaches in a style of story telling and wonderful historical events and life stories.  I sit and listen to her with my jaw just a little slack and I am mesmerized.  I can sit and I repeat, I can sit and listen to her for hours.  I am not beneath elbowing my way to be close to her, I will weasle my way close enough to listen intently...she is my spinning guru and most of everything I have learned and taught to others I have learned from her.  I am taking a the recycling class from her at SOAR Spin Off Autumn retreat, in Delavan,WI.  I have learned a wealth of knowledge in the first day!!!  I can now take apart a cashmere sweater that would fit Twiggy and make something I can wear!!!  I can make an ugly colored yarn look awesome!!!  If you would have told me less than 24 hours ago I may even want to disect a sweater, and if you heard me moan when we started, you would laugh, now I am on the hunt for sweaters to rip.  Oh and get this our lunch which consisted of salad, sandwich and soup  $22.00 each!!!  You heard me, I could have gone to a nice restaurant and had a great meal for that!!!!  I am on my way to my class, through Wind and Rain and Sleet and Snow, here I go!!!  Panic is setting in I have to do my writing homework too!!!  Oh oh brain overload!!!

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