Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Simple thing of beauty

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A Simple thing of beauty!
I have always had a fascination with eggs.  I went to a Farm Market and paid too much but aren't these organic eggs just so pretty?  Each one has such an individual color yet the same shape every time, smaller on one end and larger than the other.  Some eggs are a tad bigger than the others.  Sometimes they are always white and some chickens lay colored eggs, blue, brown, green.  Their shell is so ...."seamless" and perfect.  Crack one open and they are all the same inside, an egg.  I wonder if other chickens are mean and jealous of the hen that lays the pretty colored eggs?  Do they just accept the chicken that lays colored eggs as their own?  Chickens are mean for the most part and have no problem picking on one another that is the least bit weak, or different.  Nuff said!
Now if I don't get salmonella from playing with the eggs!!

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