Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost dead

My hot red Senseo coffee maker is dying.  She has been dying but seems to get a second wind, so I run vinegar through her and she worked for a bit, but, now I get one inch of coffee or water in the cup.  I have had her for a long time but I need my coffee.  It has been a great relationship but I am moving on.  I have a keurig maker in the shop and for cost benefits it would be best if I could share the cups, instead of having to buy pods which are getting harder to find.  So the coffee maker is in the mail, it isn't pretty red and that is sad too, it is just black and boring.  One good thing, it has a timer, like it doesn't heat up fast enough.   Another good thing is I can use my own coffee which of course will be Alterra!   I tried to make it last, and kept worrying that they were going to discontinue the pods, looks like little red gave out before the pods went out.....Seems like a lot of things are dying around here, my roomba died, the senseo, my  television, hey that can be the three things,, seems like something else went too??  Oh well, I hope she keeps limping by till I get the new one.

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