Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Solitary Confinement

In these days of heat and humidity, it is best to keep the house closed up and stay indoors. It's enough that I have to work in this stuff, so I look for reprieve when I get home. This is the sun shining though pulled shade in my kitchen. I am through quilting the roman stripe quilt, and now I have to do the binding. It didn't take long to quilt, but it took quite a while to center the piece on the backing and batting. I think my son will like it? I also finished the Moebius purse and felted it and I hate it!!! The handle is as I thought way, way too long and the boucle' yarn got all bubbly, the design that I put on the bag disappeared into the felting? I see a cutting/rearranging coming up. Like I say...I start out making one thing and it turns into another.....

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