Sunday, July 02, 2006


For the Holiday, I had all my family over and a friend that I don't see often stopped by with her newly adopted fur child. Well he isn't exactly young, he is an older gent, with lot of medical issues. A friend of hers was wintering in Arizona, and had that unexplainable urge to go to the local dog pound and came home with this mottled little old man. They don't exactly know Rufus's history, he was picked up as a stray, but I know that he was put in the hands of someone that loves him and treats him with love and affection, some humans never have the chance of knowing. When she picked him up he was shaved because he was a little matted and grubby looking. He gets brushed and pampered, like a spa client. My girlfriend had heard of her friends newly acquired adoption, and as fate would have it my friend wanted him. She felt he deserved a good life, in his golden years. Well he is getting the good life. He could not have picked a better owner, he has hit doggy lottery. He has the softest little ears and is the cutest little foxy faced doggy ever. He has major medical issues, high blood pressure, enlarged heart, some coughing spasm not to mention he is hard of hearing...all this kind of makes him even cuter. His little legs look like he is wearing Navajo leggings, (of course he is an native Arizonite) and he has a curly little tail. I couldn't help but write about him. The party was fun too!!! Hot, but we all just crowded in the living room and had a group sweat actually I was the only one sweating...of course. Well Rufus has just had his 15 minutes of fame!!! Welcome to Wisconsin Rufus!!!

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